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Latest Articles
  • Auto Recycling is Not Just Giving, its Also Taking.
    Taking parts you need is just as important as bringing in your vehicle or trading it in at a dealer. This is because the vehicles in our yard for the most part have perfectly working parts that save the earth tons on packaging, including plastics and cardboard, etc… that all head for landfill.
  • Scrapped Auto PartsLos Angeles Auto or Vehicle Recycling
    Did you know that the car or truck you are driving today will be a huge source of recyclable materials if you decide to recycle it in the future?
  • Scrap-RecyclingThe Benefits of Scrap Recycling
    Recycling takes hard work. You have to collect and put together your scraps, find a recycling center to take it to, load it up in your car and transport it to the location of your choice or to Pacific Auto Recycling Center in Lancaster, California. Nowadays, everyone is busy with family, work, and just life overall; why would anyone take extra time out of their day to take the steps necessary to recycle scraps?